50 States By Motorcycle


Live the dream: ride your bike in all 50 states. Below you’ll find an incredible ride in each of the 50 states, whether you’re looking for twists and turns or a long road that will take you right to the horizon.

New England
New England’s landscape offers motorcyclists gorgeous rolling hills, plus twists and turns on bike-friendly rural roads. Try Maine’s Western Mountains Loop, New Hampshire’s Hurricane Mountain Road, Vermont’s Route 12 from Hartland to Morrisville, Massachusetts’s Route 116 with its gorgeous hill towns, Connecticut’s Route 77, or Rhode Island’s Route 138, which offers lovely coastal scenery.

Leave the I-95 corridor behind and get out on some great rides: the Hudson River Valley, Pennsylvania’s Route 125, Schley Mountain in New Jersey, State Route 9 in Delaware, “National Road” in Maryland, and New River Gorge in West Virginia.

The Midwest offers just about every type of scenery you can imagine, from South Dakota’s Badlands to Minnesota’s many lakes to Iowa’s country roads. Don’t miss these, whether you live in the great Midwest or are just visiting: Touring Wisconsin’s Wildcat Mountain, going around the tip of Michigan at Cheboygan, riding Routes 45/50 in Illinois, seeing southern Indiana, or cruising Ohio’s State Route 26. After that, you’ll want to bike Nebraska’s Platte River, see Missouri’s share of the Ozarks, ride North Dakota’s Route 1804, and tour Kansas’s Flint Hills Scenic Byway.

The South is full of good company, good food, and good riding. Start in Virginia with the Shenandoah Valley; then move on to some rides in the Smokies in North Carolina and Tennessee. More stellar riding can be had around Charleston, South Carolina, in northern Georgia, and in the Florida Keys.

Route 89 in Kentucky is another good bet, as is the Natchez Trace in Mississippi. North Tuscaloosa in Alabama, the Scenic 7 Byway in Arkansas (with thermal springs!) and the Natchitoches Loop in Louisiana are well worth a trip.

Check out Utah 261 for spectacular scenery. The Apache Trail in Arizona will show you a good time, as will the roads near Big Bend in Texas. You’ll find unforgettable journeys along the Top of the Rockies (Colorado), among the Jemez Mountains (New Mexico) and throughout northern Oklahoma. California’s coast, especially Highway 1, is legendary.

Northwest and Hawaii
While you’re out west, ride the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming, cruise through southern Idaho, take a peek at some fossils along the Montana Dinosaur Trail, and view Nevada’s desert beauty. Washington’s North Cascades Highway and Oregon’s unbelievably blue Crater Lake make fantastic destinations.

Last but most certainly not least, put the Alaskan backcountry and Hawaii’s Highway to Hana (for a grand finale of hairpin-turn-induced adrenalin) on your list.

If you have any road condition updates or know of any other great routes, please post in the comments!

50 States By Motorcycle

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